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What we do


What we do

Our goal is to digitise business processes


ReadBit Tech Solution is India based tech startup serving global business to digitise and optimise their business process. Improving efficiency results in scalability, profitability to achieve ultimate goal of any business.

Our neatly curated solutions help your business right from basic setup to advance level of management. The ERP Solutions that we provide give you hold on your business and makes it easier to handle day to day activities.

Our Process

1. Identify

We identify customers need through initial communication and understand entire business process that they have. Identification of problem is an important aspect to start building new way of handling business. We identify whether customer need entire new process or just an upgradation.

2. Think

Thought process is an important aspect while building or implementing new approach towards business as multiple stakeholders are involve in the business. We need to think of every aspect of business to deliver better results at the end. 

3. Propose

After critical thinking we propose our customers new aspect of business that they should adapt considering drastic changes in the business flow and markets. Our proposal involve all the aspects of current and future trends of businesses and involve every stakeholders in it.

4. Discuss

Here the proposal is discussed with every important aspect of the business as implementation is considered. 

5. Final

Once everything gets approved from your side, we move ahead with packing our bundles to deploy.

6. Deploy

Your desired solution will be deployed on AWS Cloud which is fail-proof digital infrastructure. Everything will be deployed within time frame that we promise.

7. Support

Once, everything goes live, our support start from next second. For every problem you face, we are here to help you out 24/7. 

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